Advanced production facilities.

On-site Corrugator

  1. Our newly installed Corrugator features two 98” BHS single facers capable of producing B, C, or E Flute singlewall sheets.  For doublewall sheets, we can run any combination of those three flutes,as our corrugator rolls are housed in removable cartridges that can be configured to your needs.

    Our vast array of converting machinery drives our rollstock inventory - which consists of Kraft, Mottled, Clay White, and Moisture Resistant Coated paper (both Clear and Red) in sizes ranging from 53” to 98”. 

    Our New Marquip doublebacker features an applicator for both Sesame reinforcement tape (added to the inside sheet), as well as Tear-Tape (applied to the surface of the board), allowing for a clean tear when opening a box.

    The new Fosber Downstackers have been modified to allow for the production of Fanfold – a continuous sheet of scored corrugated shipped in bale-pack form. 

    Lastly, in 2011 the plant underwent an extensive conveyor upgrade project which increased the surge capacity, added an in-line plastic-strap Unitizer and installed a pallet-inserter system that now produces the region’s best looking finished units! 

    With Houston’s newest corrugator now in full production – Action Box stands ready to meet all of your corrugated needs.  We invite you to come and tour our facility.