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Bulk Bins

Box Styles - Bulk Bins

The bulk bin is a large corrugated fiberboard tube of half-slotted body, with one or two covers, frequently of the interlocking type.

The distinction between a box and a bulk bin is not defined in the box style itself, but usually refers to the quantity of the contents. The container for 40 pounds of a granular product, or a single refrigerator, is a box; the container for 3000 pounds of a granular product ("in bulk"), or 500 Towels ("loose" products) or small packages is a bulk box.

Some carriers encourage the use of bulk bins to consolidate smaller packages and reduce handling time. However, the customer must be capable of handling the bulk at its ultimate destination.

Because of their filled weigh, bulk bins are frequently placed on a pallet, providing easy access for the tines of a forklift truck. Lift trucks with special attachments (baseloid) are sometimes used; the attachments slip under the flanges of the interlocking covers and pallets are not needed.

Bulk bins are used for everything from automobile parts to marshmallows.