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Box Styles - Folders

International Fiberboard Case Code: 04 Series

For folders, one or more pieces of combined board provide an unbroken bottom surface, and are scored to fold around a product. The International Fiberboard Case Code describes them as Folder-Type Boxes. The carrier classification uses the term Folders.

0401 One Piece Folder (OPF)
One piece of board is cut so that it provides a flat bottom, with flaps forming the sides and ends, and extensions of the side flaps meeting to
form the top.

0403 One Piece Folder with Air Cell/End Buffers, Protect All or Book wrap

0406 Wrap Around Blank
A wrap-around blank is formed blank into a box by folding it tightly around a rigid product. The positioning of the product, folding and sealing are performed by automatic equipment.

The finished box is essentially an RSC, turned on its side so that the bottom and top are unbroken. The joint, however, is not formed until the final closure.

0410 Five Panel Folder (FPF) or Harness Style Five Panel Folder
A tube forms the body. The two interchangeable covers are usually design style. The pieces are shipped flat to the user, who opens the tube and sets up the covers.

This style is frequently used for tall or heavy products that would be difficult to lower into a box. The item is placed on the bottom cover, and the tube is lowered over the product.

0411 Center Seam (FPF)

0415 One Piece Folder (OPF) with Dust Flaps

0416 One piece Folder (OPF) Die Cut with Dust and Tuck Flaps

0422 Roll End Tray, Walker Lock Tray or Tray with Self Locking Ends

Formed from a single piece of combined board, the design features an unbroken, and several; layers of corrugated in the end panels.

Trays are not shipping containers, but they are frequently used as inner containers for parts, delicate produce, letter mail and other products, or as elements of display stands.

0427 Roll Tray with Locking Cover

0457 Self Locking Tray, Joint Less Tray

0460 Display Tray or High Wall Tray

0470 Roll end Tray with Tuck Top and Interior Bottom Flaps or Reverse Walker Lock with Inside Tuck Top